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The establishment of legitimate software licensing of machines during an inspection by the authorities

What does an audit for legal software licence consist of?

In the case of a software audit from the respective authorities in your country, the inspecting party will use a device with a USB interface which will display all licensed software on the machine and the respective licence keys.

Once it is ascertained what licences for software are used on the machine, a document for the purchase of the licence keys (invoice) is required. When all documentation relating to the purchase of the installed software is presented the machine is deemed legally licensed.


Why is it important to use licensed software?

Most obviously companies run the risk of assessing fines for using unauthorized software but they also open themselves up to security threats in the form of malware and cyber attacks in general.
Most pirated products are old and incomplete versions, some of which carry destructive viruses that can delete or damage files. They may also contain “spyware”, through which cybercriminals can access and use confidential information such a bank accounts and personal information. In addition, with illegal software, companies cannot take full advantage of the product and are not entitled to support and updates. Once a software license is purchased, the legal software vendors offer updates that protect computers and the system from ever-evolving threats for free.



What are refurbished licences? Is it legal to use refurbished licences?

Refurbished licences have been released on the market but have not been previously activated and are returned to the secondary market for reselling. They are fully functional and come with 100% legal and technical guarantees.

Our inspection process follows strict models and we work only with verified companies. The licences obtained in this way are eligible to be purchased because of their certifiable origin. The reselling of software is protected within the EU with a 2012 Court of Justice ruling:

„An author of software cannot oppose the resale of his ‘used’ licences allowing the use of his programs downloaded from the internet. The exclusive right of distribution of a copy of a computer program covered by such a licence is exhausted on its first sale.” 

Read the full ruling here.

Laws adopted by the CJEU operate in the EU and make the resale of software 100% legal. This allows physical and juridical persons (companies) to take advantage of the lower prices of these licences and license their software.



What does LicenceDeals offer?

Digital Content Distribution Ltd. Is focused on offering its partners and clients fully legal software for business and home use at competitive prices. In addition, we offer full support with the installation process and take responsibility for any issues that might occur. We are heavily customer oriented and we make sure that you get what you paid for. We offer full first and second level support with native aftersales operators for 9 markets within the EU.

An electronic software licence provides the customer with a right to use software programs via the digital delivery of a product key. The product key comes in a format like:

  • Microsoft: 5 groups of 5 numbers and letters. If any letter is input in small caps it should be automatically capitalized.
  • Adobe: 6 groups of 4 numbers.
  • Norton: 1 group of 25 numbers and letters. If any letter is input in small caps it should be automatically capitalized
  • Kaspersky: 4 Groups of 5 numbers and letters. If any letter is input in small caps it should be automatically capitalized
  • Nod32: 5 Groups of 4 numbers and letters. If any letter is input in small caps it should be automatically capitalized

Our products are new or pre-owned Retail and OEM licences. We declare the authenticity of the licence with every purchase in a few ways:

  • We issue a tax invoice with all required prerequisites;
  • We can provide a PID (Product ID) check with your purchase;
  • Activation of the product is always done through the service provided by the original developer of the software.


Our customers can rely on us for adequate purchase consultation based on specific needs, special offers for larger quantities, and a customized approach both in pre-sale and after-sale support in case of problems.