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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Need world-class protection for your data, applications and systems? Now, businesses can enjoy an all-in-one software solution that protects against various risks and threats, combining data backup & recovery, cyber security and easy one-point management.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is an integrated platform incorporating all the features of the well-known Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, next-generation AI-based cyber protection and endpoint security management. All this - in a single solution to help customers safeguard assets, boost productivity and cut operating costs!

Why is Acronis the right solution for your business?

Advanced AI-powered cyber protection

Stop malware, viruses and zero-day attacks with Acronis integrated cyber security solution. Provide complete protection against ransomware and ensure email security. Protect your systems from advanced cyberattacks in real time with AI-based static and behavioural technologies.

World-class Backup & Recovery

Protect your workloads on over 20 platforms with full-image and file-level backup and recovery. Minimise downtime and provide prevention against data loss so your company’s precious information will be safe. Increase the cloud backup capabilities your business needs with proactive AI and ML-enabled protection.

Centralised management & easy native integrations

Handle data protection, cybersecurity and endpoint management from a single centralised point. Enjoy easy integrations with remote monitoring and services automation systems. Seamlessly add advanced functionalities and integrate different protection packs to meet unique business needs.

Extend your opportunities with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud advanced packs

One of the best benefits of Acronis product is that it is multilayered, which provides added value for your business. You can create your own unique combination of components and additional features according to your company’s needs with Acronis Cyber Protect advanced packs. Add only those functionalities you need and only pay for what you’ll use.

Available advanced packs*:

*Customers have complete flexibility: they can choose all packs, only one pack or any combination of them. Also, they can purchase only an advanced pack without the standard product.

Advanced Security + EDR

Effortlessly implement a comprehensive security solution, including identification, protection, detection, response and recovery. Stop cyber threats proactively and be compliant with various cyber insurance requirements. Prevent future attacks and take care of your business with integrated recovery.

  • Security incident detection
  • URL filtering
  • Exploit prevention
  • One-click response to incidents
  • MITRE ATT&CK® attack chain visualisation

Advanced Management

Monitor automatically using machine learning and script your routine tasks. Enjoy real-time troubleshooting and quickly close security gaps in infrastructure. Simplify daily tracking and task planning and provide remote assistance.

  • ML-based monitoring and smart alerting

  • Automated patch management

  • Cyber scripting

  • Fail-safe patching

  • Disk drive health monitor

Advanced Automation

Increase profits and streamline operations with real-time business insights. Make data-driven decisions to optimise resources. Achieve total visibility of all your business contracts, service delivery, tickets and work items.

  • Automated time tracking

  • Invoice and billing automation

  • Projects management

  • Ticketing

  • Performance metrics

Advanced Backup

Monitor and back up data in real time with near-zero RPOs, ensuring no data is lost. Prevent downtime and secure data even between scheduled backups. Expand backup capabilities to include Microsoft SQL and Exchange clusters, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle DB, and SAP HANA. Enjoy the most secure cloud backup with a unique approach that combines cyber protection features.

  • One-click recovery
  • Extended backup support
  • Continuous data protection
  • Data protection map
  • Off-host data processing

Advanced Disaster Recovery

Restore business operations in a few clicks for minutes in case of ransomware, hardware failure and any other disruption. Restore and ensure immediate data availability. Make recovery effortless and efficient. All this without any upfront investments.

  • Production and test failover
  • Cloud-only and Site-to-site VPN
  • Custom DNS configuration
  • Runbooks
  • Multiple templates

Advanced Email Security

Eliminate email risks such as spam, phishing, malware, business email compromise, and advanced persistent threats. Detect advanced evasion techniques and malicious content with next-generation technology. Take advantage of an easy-to-deploy and manage email security solution.

  • Anti-phishing engine
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Anti-evasion and account takeover protection
  • Dynamic zero-days protection
  • Threat intelligence

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Strengthen control and prevent data leaks from endpoints via more than 70 local and network channels. Enhance regulatory compliance smoothly and effortlessly. Report easily with information-rich widgets.

  • Content flows control
  • Automatic client-specific DLP policy creation
  • Pre-build data classifiers
  • User activity monitoring
  • Real-time alerting

Advanced File Sync & Share

Create and share content securely at any time and on any device. Eliminate the fraud risks and unauthorised signing with a fully electronic signature and remote notarization. Confirm data authenticity and verify users’ identity.

  • Remote file notarization
  • Embedded eSignatures
  • Independent file verification
  • Notarization and signature certificates
  • Document templates

How you can start using Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Are you interested in protecting your data and systems with Acronis? Book an online meeting with our representatives to get all the information you need about Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Select a combination of services and discover more about the advanced packs from our experts.

Why Acronis?

All-in-one solution by well-known vendor

Create your own combination of packs

Flexibility of terms

Competitive pricing

80+ available integrations

Efficient implementation for under a minute

Why Acronis?

All-in-one solution by well-known vendor
Create your own combination of packs
Flexibility of terms
Competitive pricing
80+ available integrations
Efficient implementation for under a minute

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