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Cloud Storage: How to Keep Your Memories Safe

Cloud Storage: How to Keep Your Memories Safe

Holidays are the time for fun, travel and new experiences. And, of course, it’s the best time for collecting memories. But then the pressing question about storing these memories occurs.

Fortunately, the tech industry has a remedy for these concerns. It is called cloud storage!

Cloud storage allows you to store data on the internet. It safely and securely saves your important files and documents to a remote database, so you don't have to keep them on your device's hard drive. Or to get into trouble setting up your own data storage infrastructure.

One of the market's most tempting offers is MobiSystems’ cloud storage solution. You can get MobiDrive 1 TB or MobiDrive 2 TB bundled with the full version of their office pack.

Let's outline why going for this option is a clever idea!

Cloud Storage Advantages

There are many reasons for choosing cloud storage over storing data on a hard drive. The advantages include:

  1. You don't have to own a physical storage device. No more external hard drives! And you don't risk losing irreplaceable content if you damage your flash drive, for example.
  2. Sharing content is easy. You can share files with many people at the same time.
  3. Backing up data is always a good idea. Use the cloud to preserve your files.
  4. Remotely update and sync your data! You can store all types of information in the cloud. While you are still on vacation, you upload your precious memories (yes, all your images and videos).
  5. Remote work and team collaboration are made trouble-free. Cloud storage allows all team members to access files from anywhere without much effort.
  6. Cost savings is another great advantage. It's more affordable to pay a subscription fee for cloud space than to maintain your own hard drive storage.
  7. Top-level security and protection. Storage providers take data protection measures seriously and keep their security technology up-to-date.
  8. You can keep the storage for a lifetime. Just stay subscribed!

Keep Your Files Safe with MobiDrive

With solutions like MobiDrive, users can get these and even some extra benefits to enhance their productivity.

MobiDrive is secure cross-platform storage available for Web, Windows, Android and iOS. It ensures that your content is instantly available on all devices as you sync files across platforms. Plus, there is no file size limitation. You can download any file and folder within seconds.

Buying 1 or 2 TB MobiDrive storage comes with the full version of the all-in-one productivity OfficeSuite pack for Android, iOS and Windows, including Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDF & Mail. It is very appealing to buy one thing and receive an additional product as a bonus!

MobiDrive prides to offer conversion to an impressive number of 1200+ formats. That means you can turn a PDF into a Document or a video into an audio file. Sharing files and folders is possible as download links or attachments. You can also keep them 'offline' for use without the internet.

The intuitive interface of MobiDrive makes it easy to use even for less experienced users. The smooth integration with MobiSystems’ OfficeSuite and PDF Extra helps for a consistent work experience.

MobiDrive allows you to automatically back up images and videos from your phone in their original quality. That means your holiday memories are safe, all the time, anywhere you go! MobiSystems’ solution supports all main file types and automatically organises content into collections based on the file type (Pictures, Videos, Music or Documents). So you get your content sorted without any efforts on your behalf!

To work from your computer is also user-friendly. The PC MobiDrive folder integrates with Windows File Explorer for quick and flawless file transfer. This folder lets you automatically synchronise local files to the cloud. You can also use the convenient MobiDrive widget to manage your recent files.

There is another great advantage! You can track the changes made to your documents with version history. Moreover, the special Bin section keeps deleted files and their version histories for up to 180 days. All this means you can stop worrying about accidentally losing information ever again!


The holiday season is already in full swing! Don’t go on your vacation unprepared! Visit our Cloud storage section and find the best storage space offers for your needs!

Visit Licencedeals or contact us if you need any further help!

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