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Norton 360 Deluxe 5 Devices | 1 Year - Digital Licence

by Norton
€ 18.36
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excl. vat: € 15.30

Приветлива и професионална поддръжка и помощ при инсталирането.

Бърза и удобна доставка на продукта по имейл.

100% автентични пожизнени и абонаментни лицензи.

Изпратете запитване, за да получите бизнес оферта (над 5 лиценза).

Buy Norton 360 Deluxe - 5 users, 1 year for the best price at LicenceDeals. Order now and we will send you the 360 Deluxe product key via e-mail, within 8 business hours.

Attention: This product is to be used only in European Economic Area countries, the United Kingdom and their overseas territories.

Product details

  • Brand: Norton
  • Program type: Total security
  • Format: Subscription Licence
  • Compatibility: 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Language: Multilingual


Norton 360 Deluxe is a comprehensive protection for your PC, Mac or mobile device, and provides online family safety features, for you and the people you care about. The Parental Control feature allows you to keep track of your children both online and offline by means of the GPS tracker and the “online GPS tracker” that shows you what videos they are watching, apps they are downloading, and websites they’re visiting. Norton 360 Deluxe is also one of the few antivirus that includes an unlimited VPN for free.

Norton 360 Deluxe helps to provide real time protection toward existing and emerging malware, ransomware and viruses, keeping your private as well as financial information safe every time you go online.


 Norton Security Deluxe - Digital Licence - LicenceDeals

See more, analyse more and stop more online threats with Norton 360 Deluxe.

It does not take long for malware to infect your brand new computer, especially when using inferior security software.

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated than ever before; a diverse arsenal of tools is being used to gain access to your personal information. Substandard security software does not possess the resources to keep up with new threats as they emerge.

However, Norton 360 Deluxe does. The worse the threats get, the better the Norton Security gets. Norton Security continuously develops new ways to protect your devices.


‣ Norton focuses solely on security.

Norton 360 Deluxe's core value is to offer protection for all your devices, regardless of type, without you worrying about what takes place in the background. To sum it up: choose what devices to safeguard and go about your business. Norton will take care of the rest.

Norton Security Deluxe performance - Digital Licence - LicenceDeals
Norton Security Deluxe multi device protection- Digital Licence - LicenceDeals

‣ Norton 360 Deluxe multi-device, multi-OS protection helps keep your data safe, no matter where it is.

The more connected you are and the more personal information is available online, the more protection and security you need.

Do you watch videos or shop on your tablet, use your smartphone to pay bills or check your balances? Then chances are that your personal information is in multiple places. With Norton 360 Deluxe you can keep your information private across all of them.

Norton 360 Deluxe delivers an easy solution to protect your computers, smartphones and tablets, even on multiple operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and Windows 10.

The initial activation of all purchased products should be performed no later than 3 months after the purchase date. Note that the initial activation period is not the warranty period of the product - all warranty details are thoroughly explained in the terms and conditions section.

System Requirements

‣ Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1*, Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later with SHA2 support; current and previous two versions of Mac OS, Android** 8.0 or later. (Must have a Google Play app installed); current and previous two versions of iOS.

‣ Required Connectivity: Internet access

* Some protection features are not available in Windows 8 Start screen browsers.

** Multi-user mode not supported.

 Norton Safe Search does not provide a security rating for paid search results (sponsored links) nor does it filter out potentially unsafe sponsored links from the search results. Not supported by all browsers.

 Norton Cloud Backup and Norton SafeCam features are only available on Windows (excluding Windows in S mode, Windows running on ARM processor).

  Video Supervision monitors videos that your kids view on It does not monitor or track YouTube videos that have been embedded in other websites or blogs.

  Norton Family Parental Control features are not supported on Mac.

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